Change is good!

By Alexander Tacugue – Former Channel Development Manager, hammerjack

Originally published on LinkedIn

A new industry: the outsourcing experts

After 17+ years with AMEX across multiple roles it was safe to say I was scared, excited but also rejuvenated when I made the move to hammerjack. I asked myself, “hammerjack” it’s a great name but is there more to them than just a name?

Absolutely yes!

You could say I’m biased since I now work for the company. However, in the short time I have been with hammerjack, I’ve realized a few important things.

  1. It’s about the people: who are they, what have they done and most importantly where are they going. It was important to me (like most I’m sure) that the culture was the right fit.

  2. The product/service came second. Can I align myself, my beliefs and my passion to delivering the hammerjack service? What are they doing that is different and how can I have a positive impact on the business and most importantly the customers? After being exposed to the “difference” in their delivery, I was sure.

  3. Third, “PPT”. It’s something I learnt on my first day and now I see why it forms the foundation of hammerjack.


On my second week I went to visit the Outsource team based in Makati (Philippines) and to my amazement, this was not just another Business Process Outsourcer (BPO). It was an open plan office but still set up for performance, it was green, and I was greeted by a coffee from the in-house Barista at the hammerjack café. Where had I landed? This environment seemed to create a certain office buzz, one I wasn’t used to, but I knew it was a defining factor of their success.


Continuous improvement is everywhere: process maps, documentation, constant meetings about driving efficiency for customers, again, I thought, where am I? Teams dedicated to proactively improving the way we work, driven by process. This was no ordinary offshore gig.


At hammerjack it’s everywhere! Maybe it was due to the family of companies associated with hammerjack from IoT, automation, BotChat, Digital Omni channel communication and more or maybe it’s being driven from the top down. One thing I do know is that Technology underlies everything at hammerjack.

 It is good to know that the investment by the business to its service model is built on a solid backbone across PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY.

I could write a few more things on my journey with hammerjack but for now, just like in the movies, stay tuned.

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