Why Cold Calling Is the #1 Skill You MUST Master to Double Your Income in 2018

Cold Calling is the top sales skill you should be developing to gain a competitive edge, not just for prospecting and landing meetings with C-Level decision makers, but at every stage of the funnel. Especially, in 2018 when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is imminently threatening your job. Let me rest my case:

1. Social Selling is an epidemic.

But it’s not social to hide behind your computer. Reach out and touch someone! There’s no doubt LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most addictive, mind-numbingly fascinating, voyeuristic paradises ever constructed since the Matrix. That being the case, I go into world-renowned technology companies to advise on new sales, and can’t help but witness the chilling silence.

2. Cell phone penetration will exceed world population.

Multiple devices per human is coming and with the Internet of Things (IOT) there will be 25 digital ways to reach a prospect, even their refrigerator. Wouldn’t you rather be the signal in all that meaningless noise? How can you miss communicating in an ‘always on’ medium that’s physically on every person?