Excelerate Marketing

At hammerjack, we pride ourselves on supplying the most appropriate offshore staff from our teams in the Philippines, to meet the needs of clientele across a range of industries, and of all different sizes. We seek to meet their needs with professionally qualified and highly skilled outsourced assets, on either a short-term, project-based or full-time basis. With expert advice and assistance with onboarding and procedure, we are partners with our clients and share in their success.

So let’s examine how marketing strategy and content experts Excelerate Marketing were able to leverage key low cost, high performance staffing assets to meet their requirements, and unlock the next steps in the development of their business.

A Different Approach To Outsourcing

Whilst so many businesses view outsourcing purely through the framework of scalable offshore finance or accounting solutions, at hammerjack we see the potential for so much more than that. In the instance of so many entrepreneurial small businesses, there is an unrealised opportunity to leverage offshore Virtual Assistance (VA) staff to free up essential time for directors and management.

We understand the value of decluttering their workload, delegating operational, administrative and organisational tasks in order to allow the key personnel within the business to focus upon growth strategy, client management and big-ticket tasks. It’s a key difference of our Virtual Assistants that provides so much additional value-add for our clients, challenging their preconceptions over where and how offshore role players can transform the operations of their back-of-house. One such client to take advantage of this has been Excelerate Marketing.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

The hammerjack Virtual Assistant is the key to streamlining back-of-house operations. They can execute a wide array of tasks to assist directors and management, including: data entry, calendar & meeting management, invoicing & basic accounting, marketing, office administration, and customer service. Complying to the highest security standards, these highly qualified staff unlock time and energy for essential role players to focus upon the most high-priority tasks for the business.

Who Are Excelerate Marketing?

Entrepreneurial founder and Director Emma Reeves established Excelerate Marketing in mid-2020 with a view to provide Australian businesses exclusive access to specialist industry professionals and content creators, as well as the opportunity to leverage expert branding strategy and advice. With joint team experience across sales, marketing and partnership management positions at a number of reputable firms, Excelerate was founded on a philosophy of tailored brand management and operational governance, with the highest expectations of content, quality control and results.

Quickly expanding with clientele across varying industries including financial services, staffing solutions, and credit providers, Excelerate provide business the comfort and flexibility of full management across a comprehensive suite of services including marketing consulting, digital/social media marketing, content marketing, lead generation and more.

What Was The Opportunity?

Operating from within the cost-intensive domestic environment of Sydney, the clientele of Excelerate Marketing expanded rapidly over the course of 12 months. In order to meet that swelling demand, they devised a strategy to minimise their risk and cost exposure, in order to keep business margins healthy and sustainable. The team recognised that there was an opportunity to leverage highly skilled, targeted outsourced offshore talent and adapt the use according to the changing demands of their client businesses. This brought about initial conversations with hammerjack about the potential access to talent offshore.

The Goal Of The Partnership

Staff flexibility, cost efficiency and time management were major factors in hammerjack’s assessment of an outsourcing strategy for Excelerate. Initially, the goal would be to identify key areas where management could offload these discretionary administrative tasks, in order to free up time and optimise workload management.

Ms. Reeves understood that whilst the business was exploring a new phase of growth, the landscape was unpredictable and capacity of the team difficult to forecast. Excelerate Marketing needed a solution that would flex and grow as they grew. Excelerate Marketing sought a partner who understood their requirements, and could incorporate some of the on-boarding process into their management of offshore staff, reducing the responsibility on core personnel to train and integrate any further team members.

The Solution

To begin with, our expert hammerjack team assisted management in the identification of different work items that could be effectively outsourced, then correspondingly trained and on-boarded our highly skilled team member in the Philippines, according to the appropriate qualifications.

It has been a process of learning, and the flexibility offered by the offshore VA staff, in conjunction with collaboration and advice from our hammerjack team, allowed Excelerate to develop a sense of trust and security in the resources provided. They displayed meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to listen and learn, and a desire to further incorporate themselves into the business, allaying any initial concerns over communication barriers or load management. Correspondingly, the VA staff member’s workload was scaled up, doubling in the first six months of engagement. The partnership continues to focus upon the apex of time and cost-management, providing premium administrative support to enable the business to thrive.

Our hammerjack staff were on-hand to provide consultation and guidance, encouraging Excelerate to recognise this further cost-efficiency from their outsourcing program by expanding the workload management and relevant tasks executed, thus elevating the value proposition. The partnership as noted by Director and Founder Emma Reeves:

“hammerjack’s ability to match client needs with the appropriate personnel is unmatched. They have partnered with me throughout the process, identifying areas of workload clutter and skill refinement in order to give us the greatest possible opportunity to expand our business. The staff retention that we’ve seen already best represent the success of the program so far.”

Providing the best quality BPO, or knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), services for our partner businesses requires the highest standard of communication, expertise, and customer support, and we’re proud to demonstrate that with businesses from a variety if industries.

If this article resonated with you then now might be the time to leverage our low-cost, high quality offshore staff for the benefit of your business, you need only give our team a call. Your next chapter of growth could be just around the corner.