Outsourcing Testimonial: Tim Hoopmann, Spinn Business Solutions

When searching for an expert outsourcing provider, hammerjack was the best fit for Tim Hoopmann’s client.

No stranger to the offshore outsourcing industry, Director of Spinn Business Solutions, Tim Hoopmann, has built several successful businesses around streamlining processes, automating technologies and working smarter.

He transformed the accounting industry by taking desktop and paper accounting practices to cloud, digital and automated technology through his business, Cornerstone Bookkeeping, over ten years.

He now consults to small business to demonstrate how technology as an enabler can help businesses scale, grow, and achieve greater productivity to help them realise anything is possible.

So, when one of his hospitality industry clients was rapidly expanding and needed skilled, cost-effective resources to support its ability to scale operations, Spinn discovered hammerjack’s Outsource Lite shared resources solution, was exactly what they would need.

Rapid Growth Challenges

Spinn’s hospitality client was expanding exponentially, and desperately needed visibility of its data in real time, to allow it the ability to make better decisions moving forward, rather than looking back to insights and information that was no longer current or relevant.

A skilled accounting resource was required to streamline and support this rapid expansion – one that was affordable, offered inbuilt review processes, and could grow together with the business.

A Cost Effective and Competitive Solution

Hoopmann first heard about hammerjack at the national Accounting Business Expo (ABE) in 2018. Due to his extensive experience with outsourcing solutions, he had the ability to accurately assess the risks and capabilities of the different outsourcing options presented, and quickly determined hammerjack’s shared services solution (Outsource Lite) was the best fit for his client by far.

hammerjack’s competitive advantage included:

  • Superior guarantees around service level delivery.

  • Complete transparency and no confusion.

  • Dedicated team in The Philippines not charged by volume.

  • Constant communication and real time reporting.

  • Extension of the brand rather than a separate outsource service.

  • Change management processes second to none.

Measurable Results

While increased affordability is always a factor in offshore outsourcing decisions, the most notable results for Spinn’s client include better consistency and continuity of service delivery, support for its ability to scale growth, and an increased visibility over its business operations in real time.

hammerjack had the required skills to bring information together and establish a clear set of processes to streamline accounting processes and get Xero and Receipt Bank up-to-date and running smoothly. The Outsource Lite Solution also offered:

  • Regular reporting, offering increased visibility of financial information in real time to support informed business decisions moving forward.

  • Clear review processes, accurate information, an ability to scale and one source of truth.

Moving Forward

The results Spinn’s client has achieved via the Outsource Lite Solutions have supported and enabled its rapid and continuing business growth. It’s now six months in, and their business has grown so much, they’re looking at moving to a Dedicated Outsource Staff solution, as they continue to expand.

Tim Hoopmann will be speaking at the 2019 ABE, focusing on the topic of ‘Mentally Healthy Small Business’, for which offshore outsourcing solutions are a key component to help small and medium-sized business owners focus on what they do best.

“I engaged hammerjack on behalf of a hospitality client who needed to streamline its bookkeeping services during a period of rapid growth. I have extensive experience with offshore staffing solutions and hammerjack’s Lite Solution offered the ideal option for my client due to its shared service model.

“This solution enabled streamlining of systems, technology and processes, and offered much greater visibility of finances in real time, helping my client to make better business decisions moving forward.

“Six months in and we’re looking at moving to a fully managed staffing solution as the business continues to grow.

“Effective outsourcing needs the right systems, the right processes and the right people behind that – all of which hammerjack has delivered.”
— Tim Hoopmann, Founder + Director Spinn Business Solutions

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