No to Phone-Scheduling, Yes to Microsoft Bookings!

Have you ever experienced frustration with appointment-setting? Customers don’t pick up their phones and your time’s getting wasted. Then on the flip side they call and you’re on another call or not available! We know how frustrating it feels but we also know of a solution: Microsoft Bookings.

Microsoft introduced a 24/7 appointment scheduler that lets your customers find free times to talk with you. Microsoft Bookings is easy-to-set-up and highly customisable for your business needs. Its ideal for businesses who provide services to their customers on an appointment basis such as financial advisors, consultants, dental offices, accountants, and law firms.

Here’s why we at hammerjack love it:

  1. Integration to website and social media pages

    Check out our Facebook page. Notice the “Book Now” button on the right just below the cover photo. That button is powered by Microsoft Bookings – making it a useful tool for getting leads too. You can embed Bookings to your website and social media pages for potential customers to easily book an appointment with you.

  2. Saves time

    With Bookings you get an easy-to-set-up, customizable webpage that lets your customers find available times and book appointments 24/7. You get a private calendar for managing your appointment scheduler and automatic confirmations and reminders that save time.

  3. Decrease no-shows

    Because of busy schedules, we are all guilty of forgetting things that need our attention. It’s worse however, if one of these things is customer-related! Luckily, you can rely on Bookings to remind you of tasks and meetings automatically. You’ll decrease your no-shows with automatic reminders for customers and staff too. Customers can add your appointments to their personal calendars and reschedule or cancel them with just a few clicks. So everyone knows where they need to be, and when.

  4. Fully accessible at any time anywhere

    Need access to your entire staff calendar info? No problem! On any device? Sure! With Microsoft Bookings, you’ll have full access to your entire team’s calendar, and you’ll also be able to update your customer’s calendar too no matter where you are. Perfect for sales staff that are always on the road.

Appointment-setting shouldn’t be hard. Sales and customer experience should be your utmost priority, but not the tiresome admin that goes with it. Here at hammerjack, we made it happen with our business.

Let’s make it happen to yours with Microsoft Bookings.

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