The Changing Modern Workplace

The way in which organisations work has evolved. Both work styles and the workforce are becoming more and more diverse. There are several trends, and challenges, that are emerging.


When people collaborate today, they leverage social tools– 45% use social technologies in their day-to-day work.(3)

People also work across more devices. In the past five years, the number of devices per person has increased 400%.(4)

The mobile phone has completely changed how we communicate and work. Many people live on their phones. In addition, people use different apps and services resulting in them jumping between different experiences throughout the day.


The workforce itself is more diverse. For the first time, there are five generations together in the workplace, all with different backgrounds in technology and different expectations about communication and collaboration tools. For example, some people are comfortable chatting on a phone, others prefer e-mail, others face to face.

Employees are increasingly spread out. Employees are no longer necessarily in the same office, they may not even be in the same time zone. Per IDC, 72.3 percent of employees will be working remotely by 2020(5), making it more challenging to have face-to-face conversations. There’s a greater need to enable communications and collaboration, regardless of geography.


There is also a movement towards transparency and inclusivity in how decisions are made. Organisational structures are becoming flatter. People are on twice as many teams as they were five years ago.(1)

In addition, these teams are dynamic. It’s rare that people don’t leave and/or join teams on a long-term project. When someone leaves, the usual first step is for all to go through their e-mails to find the information needed to get the new person up to speed.

Being on more teams has also led to a dramatic increase in the amount of collaboration. The new way of work is team-based and collaborative. Workers report that 80% of their time at work is spent collaborating(2). (i.e. in meetings, calls etc.)


Microsoft Teams has been developed in response to these communication and collaboration trends in the modern workplace.

Teams really thrive when information is shared in an open and transparent way and when people with diverse workstyles can access information easily.

There is no one size fits all solution either, so Microsoft Teams has been developed to be flexible. It can be customised and personalised based on the needs of your team.

Teamwork is how work gets done. People who work as teams are more likely to be high performers: working faster, responding quicker, and accomplishing more. Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool that enables teamwork at all levels of your organisation.

Its time to embrace the change and get on board. Contact one of hammerjack’s technology specialists today for more information.


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