Unleash your full potential with these included applications from Office 365

Everyone knows the traditional Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but did you know that Office 365 has a range of new applications designed to make your working life that much easier. If you already subscribe to Office 365 then you need to get on board, these applications are included at no extra cost, are ready and waiting to be used. If you’re not using Office 365 then here’s another reason why you should be:


Is a cloud-based service that enables users to create workflows that automate tedious business processes. It can be connected to email, synchronise files, and collect and transfer data from one app to another, imagine reducing administration work by letting flow do it for you.


Can be used to create documents such as registrations, surveys, questionnaires and quizzes. Engaging your customers and staff has never been easier. You can create a questionnaire and invite others to respond by using any web browser. Its built-in analytics can evaluate responses and can be exported to Excel.


This enables you to personalise your goals to organise your daily tasks. You will stay up-to-date and can prioritise the time you spend with different groups. This app is recommended for those that are time poor that need to stay on track, imagine having your own personal assistant to keep you on track with all the important things.


Is an online cloud storage facility that is free to all Microsoft 365 users. It’s easy to use enabling you to store, sync and share files. It’s also the focal point for hosting and sharing files online when using Microsoft’s other services and applications. Why pay from drop box, google or any others when you have already have access to industry leading storage facilities.


This app helps you organise and create new plans, assign tasks, share files, and communicate on the progress. You can set due dates and update statuses with your group, in a visual easy to understand way. Task management and completing projects has never been easier through this collaborative application.


Is a collection of business analytics tools where you can create and publish impressive reports and create personalised dashboards with a remarkable 360-degree view of your business. Drill into data on live reports, visualize full business insights and use natural language to provide business critical insights.


This is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enables you to create Mobile Apps that can run through different OS. It is ultimately the vessel that makes your created Mobile Apps much simpler to use across mobile platforms.


A chat based workspace that enables members of the “team” to communicate effectively. The app unites workplace communication, notes, meetings and attachments. You can collaborate with your colleagues as well as external clients by all working from the one document in real time. If your looking for a new application to change your business THIS IS IT, reduce internal emails by 50%, video, chat and collaborate on this total business tool.


This video application enables you to upload, view and share videos securely. You have the functionality to share comments, tag time codes and add descriptions on the video also.


Is a specialised digital storytelling tool that aids you and your team to express ideas. It enables you to use a collaborative, web-based canvas and produce professional reports and presentations.

These applications will transform the way you and your business works, increasing collaboration and creativity. You can tap into these as well as the traditional Microsoft apps for just $16 per month. As it’s a subscription service your apps will always be up to date, and as its cloud based you can access all of them from any device at any time. To learn more contact one of hammerjack’s technology specialists.

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