Back-end Developer

Responsible for working collaboratively in a cross functional team and with them help design and develop scalable solutions that solve our clients’ problems.


You’ll analyse requirements from a client’s perspective and the businesses’ strategy and architect and develop various services and APIs for the client’s products using best practices to create high quality code: maintainable, fit-for-purpose, testable.

Your work practices are based on the Agile way of work such as collaborative design, test-first and iterative planning, development and review. You’ll also provide and listen to constructive feedback as part of the continuous team and individual improvement.

  • Create various services and APIs using C#, .NetCore, RESTful APIs and RavenDB.
  • Use best practices in creating high-quality, reusable, sustainable and testable code. Define and communicate technical and design requirements to technical and non-technical people.
  • Describe project status: regularly, accurately, and succinctly.
  • Provide training, help, and support to other team members and seek help from peers when required (understand your limitations).
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications in the client’s suite to resolve issues and identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary team of designers, QA, front-end developers, system architect (remotely or in person) to establish objectives and design and implement code that will enhance user experience.
  • Developing ideas to improve client’s products, features, and way of work by monitoring industry developments and trends.


To be successful in our team you will demonstrate Supportive, Thoughtful, Challenging, Stoic, Simplifying and Customer Value Obsessed behaviours.


  • That you work to deliver excellence in this role and meet your functional responsibilities.
  • Enable your peers and squad leads to deliver on customer outcomes.
  • Supporting the delivery process within your squad and across other squads through coaching and constructive peer reviews.


  • As part of the refactoring squad (the team responsible for the breakdown of the CiteOps monolith codebase) migrate CiteOps to an microservice architecture by participating in design and planning and implementing high quality and sustainable code