Business Development Analysts

Our Business Development Analysts are professionals who analyze market trends and business data to identify growth opportunities for a company. They provide valuable insights and recommendations to support strategic decision-making, helping businesses expand and thrive in competitive markets.


  • Excellent Communication Skills – Written and Verbal
  • Senior level, at least 3-5 years of experience
  • Good business acumen – graduate or postgraduate of any related business course/program.
  • Great research and analytical skills in business.
  • being a CRM Expert (Salesforce of HubSpot) is highly desirable.
  • Tech savvy can easily learn a new software.
  • Open to meeting every Monday at 8:30 AM Melbourne time, can do overtime as well if necessary.


  • Industry research and company identification (market mapping) the position will require you to search and identify companies that have to potential to sell within the next 5 years. These companies will typically be Australian based that have an enterprise value of between $10 million to $200 million. How to identify companies depends on the industry or sector. This aspect of the role will include:
    • Market mapping based on the industry selected, research and uncover all of the major companies that operate in that particular industry with the aim to uncover potential future clients for the Business Development Manger to contact. As part of this research, any businesses sales that have occurred in the industry will be used as part of the broader industry information gathering process to make any conversations with potential clients more meaningful.
    • Company details the results from the market mapping process will provide a detailed list of companies to contact. The next stage of the process will be populating a pre-designed Excel spreadsheet with target company details such as, company name, locations, who owns the company, owners email address and telephone number, number of employees, date established, is the company owned by a private equity firm, any other notes, etc.
  • Drafting emails each identified company will have a draft email written to them introducing the company and the reason why we have reached out to them. This email will be custom written to each company.
  • Inbound Screening and initial response the company receives a number of inbound enquiries from our website on a 24-hour, 7 day a week basis. These enquiries normally fall into four categories.
    • The position requires you to constantly monitor the inbound enquiries and to screen these enquiries based on the profile of the business / person that has made the enquiry.
    • This will involve conducting preliminary background checks and assessment of the size of the business (using databases available such as LinkedIn and reviewing the website) to determine if the enquiry is valid and requires an immediate response, or not valid whereby the response will be different.
    • At the end of each workday, the list of enquiries will be sorted based on their validity and the appropriate response provided.
    • All enquiries will need to be replied to within a 48 hour period of the initial email. If the enquiry is deemed to be valid (the company / enquiry fits the profile of a potential client) then ideally a response will be made within 12 hours.
  • Management of CRM the company uses Affinity as its primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This is to manage and record all conversations and interactions with current and prospective clients. The role will require you to become an expert in using this system ensuring that all communication from the Business Development team is kept up to date
    • Uploading each company that has enquired through the website and tagged as ‘Prospect Identified.’
    • Emails to company owners that have come from the Market Mapping exercise will need to be uploaded and tagged as ‘Prospect identified.’
    • Meeting minutes uploaded and tagged to a particular company, as mentioned above.
    • Updating of company status across the broader team to ensure that the status of current and prospective clients has been updated based on any recent activities (i.e. client signed, Engagement letter sent, BSA singed).

As part of managing our CRM, you will liaise with the Operations Manager and wider team, where necessary. This is to ensure that all required information has been uploaded and updated into the system.

  • Meeting minutes
    • The Business Development Manager will often have Microsoft Teams meetings with company owners / prospective clients. The Business Development Analyst will be invited to sit in on these meetings and take meeting minutes.
    • Meeting minutes will then need to be uploaded to Affinity and attached to an associated company.
  • Reporting
    • Each week the company has a firm-wide meeting to provide updates on current and prospective clients. It is mandatory for everyone to attend.
    • As the Business Development Analyst, you will be asked to prepare a short summary of the Business Development activities from the previous week and also activities for week ahead