C++ Developer

Our C++ Developer is a software engineer who specializes in developing applications using the C++ programming language. They are responsible for designing, testing, and maintaining software that is efficient, reliable, and scalable.


  • Build, modernize and extend existing applications.
  • Research, investigate and plan the implementation of software and systems.
  • Optimizing software by performing maintenance software development updates and upgrades.
  • Documenting processes and maintaining software development records.
  • Participate in code reviews and frequently update the application’s source repository.
  • Manage release building, testing, documentation and deployment.
  • Provide estimations and clear information regarding the status of development.
  • Adhoc tasks that may be required.


  • Degree qualification in Computer Systems/Software Development or similar discipline
  • Proven commercial experience in C++
  • Rock-solid skills with VCL (C++ Builder or Delphi)
  • Object oriented development practices
  • Disciplined development habits, including version control and testing
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Experience in any of the following would be a bonus:
    • FireMonkey
    • FireDAC
    • Cloud computing
    • Git and GitHub / Bitbucket / Gitlab
    • Scrum / Agile