Compliance Assistants 2

Our Compliance Assistants are professionals who ensure that organizations comply with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies. They assist in monitoring and evaluating compliance programs, conducting audits, preparing reports, and providing support in maintaining legal and ethical standards within the organization.


Data Analysis and Compliance

It is expected that this position will contribute and assist the supervising Bookkeeper to the maintenance of accurate financial records and provide information in a timely, complete and accurate manner including the following;

  • Compliance Activities
    • Super
    • TPAR
    • BAS
    • IAS
    • STP
    • Payroll Tax
  • Data Analysis
    • The ability to match Data in different systems and be able to identify the differences and inaccuracies
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
    • The ability to review Profit & Loss Reports aswell as a Balance Sheet and provide Cashflow and Budget Reports and Analysis

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Whilst this is NOT the role the Compliance Assistant will be hired to do, it is expected that this position will require the full understanding and ability to perform Bookkeeping Assistant Task if and when required;

  • DEXT Processing as determined by the Company
  • Bank Reconciliations;
    • Daily and weekly bank reconciliations for specific to all our clients company bank accounts
  • Accounts Payable
    • Data Entry of accounts payable invoices
    • Ensuring invoices are authorised in accordance with the company purchase order and authorisation policy
    • Timely remittance of payment of creditors
  • Company Credit Cards and Bank Transfers
    • Data Entry of credit cards receipts
    • Monthly reconciliation of credit card statements
    • Reconciliation of Bank Accounts
  • Draft Weekly Bookkeeping EMAIL’s
  • Job Management Systems (BX and BT)
    • Job Costs Data Entry
    • Reporting as required


  • Learn and implement any other process required by clients to minimise workload for clients.
  • Implement integration of any other software for daily task
  • Write and update company procedures regularly
  • Back up all information on a daily basis.
  • Use of time recording software to ensure individual times working on clients for business billing requirements
  • Timely filing of bookkeeping and accounting information