Executive Assistants

Our Executive Assistants provide high-level administrative support to top executives in an organization. They manage schedules, coordinate meetings, handle correspondence, and ensure efficient communication, contributing to the smooth operation of executive offices.

As an Executive Assistant, you will be receiving instructions from the owner, liaising with the company’s domestic and international partners and suppliers, as well as working with the team of accounting service professionals to maintain smooth operations of the companies.


Among other duties, the individual would need to:

  1. Create and maintain CRM entries for each of the company’s partners and suppliers
  2. Maintain communications, including through email and via phone calls, with the company’s suppliers, including data suppliers
  3. Maintain communications, including through emails and via phone calls, with the company’s clients and buyers
  4. Create and track execution of operational tasks in Jira, stay up to date on the company’s activities in Slack
  5. Create invoices and track payments against the invoices, including with fiat and digital currencies (AUD/USD as well as ETH/BTC/ERC-20)
  6. Work with the owner to organise meetings and remind of critical dates / events
  7. Write annual reports for auditors regarding the activity of the company
  8. Work with the companies’ accounting partner to ensure timely BAS and other reporting
  9. Work with the auditors to address any questions and requests they may have


The person will be reliable and honest, with excellent written and oral English language being essential. The ideal applicant will have had experience managing small teams of people and partners from across multiple industries and time zones.

We are looking for a candidate with high emotional intelligence, who is aware of cultural differences and is tolerant of people of various geographical and religious backgrounds. We work with many jurisdictions where awareness of specific traditions is critical to retaining business partnerships.

Good understanding of generic computer software is essential. The applicant will have a choice of working in Apple or Microsoft environment.