Office Admin Assistants

Our Office Admin Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to an office or organisation. They perform a range of tasks, such as answering phones, organising files, scheduling appointments, and maintaining office equipment and supplies.


  • Should be a graduate of Finance and or Accounting or any related
  • Complete knowledge of client accounts and businesses
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in accounting or taxation
  • Knowledge with Australian Taxation and Compliance is preferred
  • Previous experience working with an Australian accounting firm

System and Application Knowledge

  • Knowledge with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Familiar with accounting tools such as ASIC, ATO,XERO and NowInfinity
  • Ability to learn new systems and tools as needed


  • Works within the Hammerjack and Client quality guidelines
  • Ensures quality of work being delivered without being supervised
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Works within allotted budget hours for jobs assigned
  • Ensures all deliverables are fulfilled in a timely manner


  • Financial Statement Preparation Tasks
  • Review general ledger balances, reports, and transactions to verify their accuracy for the correct tax application
  • Prepare and complete working papers according to client and regulatory standards for clients in a variety of businesses.
  • Apply technical proficiency and knowledge acquired through assigned work, self-study, course participation, and current technical reports and information study.
  • Prepare adjustments, if applicable, to correct the client’s tax allocation
  • Perform year-end accruals review
  • Gathering all pertinent information and confirmation received to prepare job notes for the financial statements
  • Ensure all working papers are updated to reflect the final version of the financial statements
  • Remain knowledgeable with updates in the accounting software
  • Generating a complete set of Financial Statements to be sent to clients.
  • Preparation of Trust Distribution and Dividend Statement, if applicable.
  • Pro-actively raise queries and suggestions regarding client’s records to promptly prepare the working papers
  • Income Tax Return Preparation Task
  • Drafting of Tax Returns in client-specified software
  • Prepare Tax Reconciliation and Tax Provision
  • Ensure all appropriate tax deductions and tax off-set are claimed based on regulatory standards
  • Ensure all necessary tax return sections are filled out and with no validation errors