Does Your Outsource Provider Have These 3 Things?

As a business owner that’s looking to outsource, how are you differentiating between all the service providers out there? What exactly should you be looking for? What are the key attributes you need to consider? How do you know that a potential service provider is “the one”?

To help you decide, here’s the top three features we consider to be essential:

  1. People

Staff are the bloodline of any business, and service providers are no exemption. Retaining team members is as crucial as getting clients. To do this, it’s essential to keep members engaged and feeling valued. This can be achieved through activities such as company outings, team activities, and other interest-oriented events.

Part of retention is also providing a clear career growth path through training and development. Remember: people don’t want to remain stagnant career-wise. Equip them now, else watch them walk out of the door. Performance checks must be kept in place too with measurable outcomes, so members know what is expected and how to improve.

2. Process

Each service provider has their own set of processes, but what you really need to look out for is the efficiency, reliability, and costs of these processes. These are some of the questions you need ask when evaluating an outsource provider’s processes:

  • Can your service provider eliminate redundancies?

  • Do they have enough experience to take on your business and come up with a tailor-fitted solution?

  • How much cost can you save?

  • Can they add more value to your customers?

  • How much involvement can you have in the development and management of the processes?

If they fit the bill here, you’re on the right track.

3. Technology

Almost nothing in life is untouched by technology and that includes business. If your outsource service provider has the capability for innovation and harnessing technology to produce smarter solutions, then you are in good hands. Automation has made it possible to accomplish tasks quicker and collaborate easier among members.

The hammerjack Difference

hammerjack has the right mix all of these three features: the best people, the smartest processes, and the latest technology. Because of our years of enterprise experience, we are able to provide solutions wrapped around businesses – not one-size-fits-all!

Our team members are valuable to us. We provide them the necessary skills and ongoing training so no-one gets left behind; in return, your customers are properly well taken care of. They are engaged in many possible ways such as: basketball games, photography club, awards programs, and many more.

Check out some of our partners who chose the hammerjack difference:

We moved to hammerjack and haven’t looked back, the multi-site reporting that hammerjack developed gives me real-time insights in to how my different sites are performing. The stress-free transition and can-do service have been second to none.
Working with hammerjack has been extremely beneficial for my business. We have and will continue to outsource roles to hammerjack so that our existing local team can work directly with our hammerjack team to complete the day to day processes that our business requires.

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