Read through our FAQs for more information about hammerjack. If there’s something else you’d like to know, get in touch and we can discuss further.

How Does hammerjack Work?

By tailoring our service offerings to your needs, hammerjack can help your business to reach its growth and customer experience objectives. Our hybrid support model provides Australian based experts that work with you to understand your business and years of outsourcing experience in the Philippines to deliver the best outcomes. You may need help in just one area, or the full spectrum, or a specifically tailored solution – every business is unique. If you give us a call on 1300 788 451, within 2 hours one of our senior specialists will get back to you, to discuss how hammerjack can work for you.

How Long Does it Take?

Well that depends on your business and exactly how we can help. For any of our packaged solutions you’re typically up and running within 10 business days, from decision to done. For our outsource and fully managed services the timeframe ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing moves a business’s processes to another business, creating cost, efficiency and quality improvements. Our model takes simple tasks – such as bookkeeping, order processing and technology enhancements, and transitions them to our team of experts in the Philippines. Hammerjack provides fully managed outsource solutions that combine years of experience the very best people, processes and technology to deliver your results.

Where are hammerjack based?

hammerjack has offices both in Sydney, Australia and in Manila, the Philippines. Our newly fitted state of the art delivery centre is based in the heart of Manila’s finance district. Our location is easily accessible and is surrounded by restaurants and shopping malls making it an attractive location for our employees. hammerjack’s Manila site is fully-managed by both Australian and Filipino senior leadership overseeing all staff, to provide training, support and career advancement pathways.

What about pricing?

Each business will have its own unique starting point, and its own needs. Our offerings are flexible to you, and because we have a full suite of services hammerjack can tailor-make a solution to suit you. Adaptability doesn’t mean unaffordability – so get in touch with one of our on-the-ground consultants to learn more.

Is Our Information Private and Protected?

Yes. hammerjack’s systems employ robust, enterprise-level security, to ensure that at all times your business and your clients are protected. If you’d like more information you can find a link to our Privacy Policy document at the bottom of any page in our site or call us for a chat on 1300 788 451.

Is There a Minimum Service Requirement?

No. Whether all you need is Word and PowerPoint, want us to manage a CRM, need your bank reconciliation done or want to build your own offshore team, hammerjack can help. Being a small or midsize business doesn’t mean you can’t have the benefits of enterprise capability.

Is my data located offshore if I outsource?

No! Our data centres are based in Australia with full redundancy and 99.9% uptime. We figure if it’s good enough for the Commonwealth Bank and their customer information its good enough for us. *Some data may be accessed via secure terminals in our Philippine office however if you’d like more information on how we protect your data please refer to “Is our information private and protected?”

What are your ethical guidelines overseas?

Our people are our business – they are managed by a team of experienced Australian and Filipino managers. Our dedicated training team ensures that our people are set on the right path for success with accreditation steps. Our leadership development program ensures that we retain and develop the very best people. We believe that customer success starts with culture, quality and professionalism. We treat our people with respect, provide competitive rates of pay and go beyond our requirements as an employer by providing additional benefits such as health care, tax breaks and life insurance.

What Hours does the Outsourcing Team Work?

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This ensures 100% uptime, flexibility and scalability for our customers

Do you have an onshore service team?

Yes, we do. Our Australian based team is a mix of executives, managers and service specialists that have years of experience helping businesses just like yours through a range of transformation and enhancement initiatives.

How is our managed service different to seat leasing?

Good question. Seat leasing offers people, an office and PC for your people, and HR and payroll support. From there:

  • You direct and manage your people day to day
  • You document your end to end processes
  • You train, coach and develop the team
  • You manage productivity and quality
  • You define and manage reporting requirements
  • You manage leave and downtime
  • You manage employee engagement

And you do all of this from Australia…unless you plan to move to the Philippines. Our fully managed services are like day to seat leasing’s night. We provide dedicated people backed by the full spectrum of support, management and expertise to ensure that your objectives are met. We work closely with you to understand your business and your processes and then build and manage a team around them. We select the right people for the job and ensure that they get the support and are engaged to so that we retain them. In most instances, we expect to improve productivity and quality when compared to the same function being performed onshore. Simply put; with seat leasing you pay for people, with hammerjack you pay for results.

How do they Report Back?

Your offshore team are an extension of your business. Your specific reporting requirements will be captured at scoping and be delivered as part of your offshore teams operating model. We will work closely with you and your team to build any custom reporting requirements. Whether you want a daily call with the team or a weekly scorecard report, the team will work to the beat of your drum.

What Qualifications do the Employees Have? What About Those Working in F&A?

We source candidates based on qualification to carry out the specific task, previous experience and employer history. Finding qualified candidates is not a problem. If you need a CPA, then we will source a CPA etc. All employees are required to go through background checks including local and federal police checks.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please let us know! We’re passionate about service. If there’s anything you’d like answered, please call us on 1300 788 451 or email info@hammerjack.com.au