Grow and diversify your team for a fraction of the cost.

The ideal way to grow your business while reducing your overheads, Outsource Dedicated Staff enables you to access a richer pool of talent across specialist skill sets including Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Finance and IT.

Are you experiencing these issues?

Staff get bogged down by non-core tasks

Can’t keep up with customer demands

Expenses are piling up and draining pockets

Can’t compete or can’t level the playing field

Lessened agility and flexibility

No time and energy to grow your business

If you answered yes, then it's time to outsource.

We support different business functions.

Finance & Accounting

Payroll, Bookkeeping, BAS, Tax, Reporting

IT Services & Technology

Developers & Analysts

Sales & Marketing

Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

Back Office & Admin

Order Management, Data Entry, Customer Service

Dedicated Outsource Staff Advantages

  • Access expert recruitment, supported transition and training for both business and staff, and round-the-clock specialist support.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting provides visibility on attendance, behaviours, capacity and engagement.
  • You manage your team, set projects and define workflow and processes.
  • Customised training developed around your business, your culture, your goals.
  • All your regulatory and employer requirements, including payroll, are taken care of.

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      But don’t just take our word for it.

      “hammerjack was able to work and support us to show how the technology we already had and were paying for could serve as a truly integrated cloud solution.

      By connecting and streamlining multiple people, work areas and applications, we could bring our workfows, processes, and our remarkable people together in a cohesive way.”

      Paul Kamper – Partner, Kamper Chartered Accountants

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is there a minimum number of staff required to outsource?

      The number of outsourced staff you need would depend wholly on your business needs. For small to mid-sized businesses, we recommend starting out with a single staff then re-assess a few months in if you need additional team members. Don’t worry – our experts and your account manager will be with you every step of the way!

      How can I ensure that I get qualified talent?

      hammerjack employs a proven-and-tested recruitment process that filters qualified talent. We have tests in place to assess skills and competency, and you have the option to provide your own tests. Our recruitment expert and your dedicated account manager will take on the legwork so whether it’s one or a whole team, you can rest assured that hammerjack will endorse only the best candidates for you.

      If I employ a Dedicated Outsource Staff with hammerjack, where would my team be located?

      Because of the current troubling times, all our team members are working remotely. However, if you require your Dedicated Outsource Staff to be in an office setting, we can come up with specific arrangements to help your business jumpstart growth.

      Who would be my point of contact?

      A dedicated account manager to oversee your team and your operations will be assigned to you. The account manager would be responsible for making sure your team delivers, ensures their welfare, cater to your needs, answer questions you may have, provide feedback and reporting to you – among many other tasks.

      How about equipment?

      Unless you have specific needs, your team will receive a standard tech setup including dual monitor/s, keyboard, system unit, mouse, webcam, and headset. Because of the pandemic, all equipment will be delivered to your team members’ door step.

      Will I take care of training, HR, and payroll?

      No, that’s all on us. However, if you wish to provide separate trainings on top of ours (enculturation, communication skills, etc.), that would be fine too. We have our in-house HR and admin team to take care of guidance, support, and payroll.