Our FAQ page is designed to address the most common questions you may have about our services, processes, and commitment to excellence. Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of offshoring for the first time or seeking clarity on specific aspects of our operations, you’ll find valuable insights here.

Who are hammerjack?

hammerjack is an Australian based outsourcing offshore company with operations based in Manila and Pampanga, Philippines and caters clients in Australia, UK and USA. We provide businesses with offshoring staffing services across various industries to help them save costs, achieve growth, and undergo transformation.

What industries does hammerjack serve?

We serve and specialize in a diverse range of industries including Finance and Accounting, Retail, Professional Services, Hospitality, Logistics, IT, Marketing and more.

What services does hammerjack offer?

  • Dedicated Staff: Available talent is expertly sourced and ready to work to your standards aligning with your culture. Hire degree-qualified and certified staff, cut overheads and become more competitive, increase quality and efficiency. These staff are dedicated resources to work as part of your existing team supported by hammerjack.
  • Shared Services: An outsourcing offshore solution where clients are billed based on hours worked (fixed monthly fee) with agreed outcomes. This applies to roles like Virtual Assistants, Bookkeeping and Finance Professionals who handle tasks for multiple clients.
  • Project Based: Hire fully dedicated technical staff for an agreed period to complete projects or work designated by your business. The normal project period is 3-6 months with an option for a short extension.

How does hammerjack ensure data security?

hammerjack is ISO 27001 Certified and supported by Jump-Start Security, adhering to international standards for information security. We use multiple technology platforms such as practice protect and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite with stringent measures in place to keep all client data safe and secure. Our Zero Tolerance Policies further reinforce our commitment to secure data handling.

How can hammerjack benefit my business?

By leveraging our offshoring staffing solutions, you can significantly reduce operational costs, access specialized skills, and scale your workforce as needed. We enable you to focus on your core competencies while we handle the staffing needs.

How do I know if offshoring is right for my business?

Offshoring can benefit various businesses seeking to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and access a broader talent pool. Our experts can assess your specific needs and guide you through the process.

What makes hammerjack stand out from other outsourcing companies?

Our ISO 27001 Certification guarantees a top-notch data security framework. We emphasize a client-centric approach with onshore experts and dedicated offshore management helping support your success, offering tailored solutions and seamless integration with your team. Multiple standalone offices and industry leading infrastructure offer a high-performance culture, this along with diverse industry experience and a proven track record set us apart.

How do I get started with hammerjack’s services?

Getting started is simple. Reach out to us through our contact page, and our team will be in touch to discuss your needs, offer solutions, and guide you through the onboarding process.

Can I visit hammerjack’s operations in the Philippines?

Yes, you can. We encourage clients to visit our operations across multiple locations nationally. It’s a great way to witness our operations firsthand and understand how we deliver exceptional service while spending time with your dedicated staff.

Can I customize the skill set and expertise of the dedicated staff member I hire?

Absolutely. During your onboarding call, we collaborate with you to define role-specific requirements. Our recruitment team then tailors the job description and sources candidates based on your specifications.

What is the process for onboarding a dedicated offshore staff member to my team?

New team members undergo a comprehensive onboarding program, including compliance training for data security and company policies. Our dedicated IT team works with your business to ensure all connectivity requirements are met while your dedicated account manager works through hammerjacks 30-60-90-day nesting plan to ensure you are supported all the way.

What steps does hammerjack take to ensure the quality of work delivered by offshore staff?

Our Account Managers work with your business to ensure the required outcomes are being met, helping to implement performance plans if required while providing regular team check-ins and evaluations to acknowledge exemplary work and identify areas for improvement.

Are there any hidden costs associated with hammerjack’s services?

Transparency is key for us. We don’t have hidden costs. Our pricing structure is straightforward and communicated clearly to our clients.

How can hammerjack assist in the recruitment of specialized roles for my business?

Our recruitment team collaborates closely with you to define role requirements. We offer insights into talent availability and sourcing strategies, ensuring we identify the best-fit candidates. 

What is the typical turnaround time for setting up an offshore team through hammerjack?

In most cases, we aim to fulfill candidate requisitions within 6-8 weeks from start to end, this usually includes the required time for incoming staff to give notice to their current employer along with procurement of hardware, IT set up and Labor Law compliance. Hammerjack can employ strategies to reduce this timeframe on a case-by-case basis, get in contact with us to learn how. 

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