Focus on your core business and don’t get bogged down in the back office.

hammerjack provides:

Expert administrative resources

Access skilled resources who can follow any processes, use any systems or technologies, and will work to your schedules and deadlines.

Process / Order validation

Match purchase orders to invoices for processing through to payments.

Account creation

Create new customers in your systems in alignment with your high standards.

Data entry

No job is too small! Processes include entering forms into a CRM system or updating customer records.

Service fulfilment

Validate and provision customer orders and set up billing and payment preferences, according to your processes and within your timeframes.


Receive fast and accurate records of your most important conversations.


Ensure the services you need are online and accessible at all times.

Virtual assistant

Manage your daily organisation including booking flights and meetings, taking notes and documenting follow up actions, and sending business correspondence.

Find the Administrative solution to best suit your business.

Specialist tasks & functions

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Affordable talent

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Expand your empire

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