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Operational Excellence: How hammerjack Helped Number Krunchers Achieve More

Steve Mulligan, CEO of Number Krunchers, reflected on his experience with hammerjack during an interview, detailing how the outsourcing partnership transformed his business operations. 

“Initially, I started outsourcing bookkeeping for one of our construction companies to test and measure the hammerjack experience,” Mulligan explained. “Their system made me look at my internal workflows and adjust accordingly. The outsourced team was like any other employees, where I provided customised training on what our client required from our company. The experience was exciting as hammerjack has recruited highly skilled professionals that are up with the use of the latest technology.” 

He continued, “At last, I had skilled support which led to outsourcing more client’s work. The next phase of creating a professional company was the engagement of our executive assistant through hammerjack. This has relieved the burden of most of our administrative tasks. Now I can work on my business and not in it. My dream of creating an additional income stream through Profit First advisory services can now be enabled due to the extra time away from the tools.” 

Describing his initial challenges and hammerjack’s tailored solutions, Mulligan elaborated, “Initially, I did not know where to start or what service could be outsourced. hammerjack provided several solutions like their dedicated staff model or turn-key solution bookkeeping team. After some consultation, this service worked best for me as it allowed me to have the immediate capacity to a highly skilled team that worked on my ecosystem of technology and process that I worked so hard to develop.”

The hammerjack Effect 

Regarding the impact on client experience and scalability, Mulligan noted, “We now portrayed a more hands-on approach to delivering a personalised client experience. Just as our team cares about our work, we also care about each other as human beings, with individual challenges and skills. hammerjack provided a team that was scalable as my business grew. They take time to understand my clients and my team’s individual requirements and seamlessly integrate into our operation.” 

Speaking on satisfaction with hammerjack’s services, Mulligan emphasised, “The quality of work delivered by our external team is quite high, relieving my stress about incorrect bookkeeping, and clients now have trust in what we produce is accurate. A big concern for myself and my clients is security. As with any business, the rise of cyber-attacks and the cost of keeping your business secure is a huge concern. hammerjack has invested heavily in its infrastructure and cybersecurity with state-of-the-art technology, staff training, and ISO certification.” 

Mulligan further praised the communication and expertise of the hammerjack team, stating, “Communication has been easy and effective. We have a dedicated person who manages our work and access to CPA here in Australia should we have any questions or need clarification.” 

Expressing his satisfaction with hammerjack’s impact on his business vision, Mulligan remarked, “One client the other night, she cried because they’d been looking for someone for ages in the husband said to me, You’re the first one that’s ever told us what we need to do in our business. I tried to build a business, she said, I’m so upset. I’ve got an accountant and I’ve got a bookkeeper. I look in zero. I don’t even know what it all means, and I know it’s not right. And we just need somebody.” 

Comparing hammerjack with other outsourcing experiences, Mulligan noted, “I went to a couple of providers, and they couldn’t help me at that stage as my business was too small. They were pushing me to a full-time serviced staff member, and I could not make the financial commitment that was asked for with all the upfront fees and large deposits that tied my money in a trust account. hammerjack has a unique approach to humanising outsourcing and puts a huge emphasis on their people and truly understanding my business and goals.” 

Steve Mulligan’s testimonial highlights the significant impact hammerjack had on transforming his business operations. From refining internal workflows to providing skilled support for various tasks, hammerjack’s tailored solutions allowed Mulligan to focus on growing his business and delivering a personalised client experience. The seamless integration of hammerjack’s team into Number Krunchers’ operations, coupled with their commitment to quality, security, and effective communication, solidified hammerjack as an invaluable partner in Mulligan’s business journey.