Four Scenarios When You Should Use Offshore Accounting Services for Tax Work

Originally published by Laurence Whittam on The Daily CPA

Many accounting firms start looking for help during the tax season because of staff crunches and increased workload. While some move towards hiring additional accountants, others get help from offshore accounting services.

Accounting outsourcing for accounting firms is ideal for those who don’t fear losing control over sensitive client data or compliance and want to get quality work delivered on time. If you are hesitant about outsourcing, here are four scenarios when offshore accounting services come in handy:

  1. Your practice staff is overworked

    If your staff is going to spend a significant amount of time preparing tax returns, consider outsourcing. Let the tax experts handle it. Some even turn around tax returns in 24-48 hours. Take advantage of such providers of offshore accounting services.

    Accounting outsourcing for accounting firms creates efficiencies so that these firms can look after high-margin functions like budgeting and forecasting.

  2. When your CPA firm is slightly tech-challenged

    Updating tax return software continuously can be a bit expensive for those accounting firms that are scaling fast. If you are one of them, it might be a good idea to avail offshore accounting services.

    Your outsourcing partner will already have the most up to date software and expertise to file your clients’ tax returns smoothly.

  3. When you want to add more services to your offerings

    Your accounting firm’s growth will stagnate if it does not branch out or expand its offerings. Add high-margin functions like auditing and corporate advisory to your portfolio of offered services which will provide more to your existing clients and attract new ones.

    Your outsourcing partner can manage basic functions like tax outsourcing while you focus on identifying lucrative and beneficial services to your clients.

  4. When you are unable to find talent easily

    Many accountants leave CPA firms to work for larger corporations or to start their own practice which leaves a major talent gap in the market. In such a scenario, outsourcing is a smart business decision as the outsourced accountants already understand the work, are trained on multiple software systems and can turn around work quickly.

It isn’t wrong to do your tax and accounting in-house. However, if it is harming your firm’s core competency you should get outside help by outsourcing.