hammerjack Achieves Stellar 97% Employee Retention Rate

Employee turnover was sky-high in 2023 and looks like it’s set to stay that way in 2024. Many companies, including those in the BPO sector, are struggling with incredibly high attrition rates. Why? Well, it’s a mix of burnout, people not feeling too great about their jobs, and all the tough stuff happening in the world.

This year, 2023, work life got tougher for everyone with the pandemic hangover, changing work setups, and everyone fighting for skilled workers. Burnout, job dissatisfaction, and a gap between what bosses want and what employees want added up to a lot of people saying, “I’m out.”

But hammerjack isn’t your typical BPO company – we’re closing the year with an impressive 97% retention rate and a mere 3% attrition rate! That’s pretty stellar when you look at the 30% to 40% attrition rates of other BPO companies. Pretty impressive but it’s no rocket science. Here are a few things we focused on:

Great Benefits

At hammerjack, we know that keeping employees happy means hooking them up with awesome benefits. Alongside good pay, we offer healthcare, wellness programs, and chances to level up professionally. When we invest in our team’s well-being, they feel valued and supported.

Rock-Solid Client Connections

In our game, the link between us and our clients is key. We don’t just meet expectations; we go above and beyond. By keeping communication open and strong with our clients, we make a work vibe where our team feels proud of what they do. This way of putting clients at the center really boosts job satisfaction for our team members.

Taking Care of Our Crew

We get that every person on our team is different, with their own needs and goals. So, we handle each employee in a way that’s all about them. Regular chats, mentoring programs, and a culture where talking things out means our team feels listened to, valued, and supported in their career growth.

Making Work More Human

We’re not just about the usual idea of outsourcing. We’re all about making work-life balance real, looking out for mental health, and building a positive work culture. We offer flexible schedules, programs to boost mental health awareness, and team events that bring everyone together. By making work more human, we’ve made a place where our team feels connected, motivated, and proud to be part of hammerjack.

So, as we wave goodbye to 2023, hammerjack stands as a testament to the possibility of achieving exceptional employee retention rates even in tough times. 2024 might have its own set of challenges, but we’re sticking to what works prioritising good benefits, strong client bonds, caring about our employees’ well-being, and ‘humanising’ outsourcing.

We are proud of not only weathering the storm of high turnover but also emerging stronger than ever. If you’re running a business and want an outsourcing company with a ‘humanised’ approach, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ve shown that when you put your team first, you end up with a crew that’s ready to face anything.

Here’s to creating a workplace where everyone wants to stick around! Cheers!