ISO 27001 Certification – The International Standard

Ensuring the security and information privacy of our operation is not just critical in today’s business landscape, it should be the standard—it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients. The effort hammerjack’s team has put in to become one of less than a handful of ISO certified offshore service providers in the Philippines is amazing, spearheaded by our dedicated IT Manager, Monique Alconaba, and made possible with the relentless support of our Senior HR Manager, Angelica Movida.

Decoding ISO 27001 

The ISO 27001 standard is a globally recognized benchmark that certifies companies for compliance in Information Security Management Systems. Holding this certification stresses our relentless efforts to protect our stakeholders – providing a ridged framework of processes, governance, technology and the people that sit behind it.

The Value of ISO 27001 for Our Clients

A Glimpse Ahead: Our Continued Dedication 

Securing ISO 27001 was no small feat. It represents months of rigorous work, a journey made possible by the entire hammerjack family. Their dedication is indicative of what hammerjack stands for. As we navigate the future, our commitment to uphold the highest data security standards remains unwavering. Hammerjack is already involved in a Joint Venture with Jump Start Security ensuring cyber security is at the forefront of our operation while also being able to provide technology and solutions to our clients when required.

The Future of Outsourcing is Secure with hammerjack 

  In an era where data is more than just numbers – it’s the lifeblood of businesses – our ISO 27001 certification underscores our commitment not just to data security, but to the overall success of our clients. We understand that in entrusting us with your business needs, you’re looking for more than just efficiency; you’re seeking assurance, trust, and partnership.

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