We treat your customers as if they’re our own.

Let us answer their questions, solve their problems and give them a world-class customer experience that reflects your brand and core values.

hammerjack provides:

Product and service technical support

Round the clock troubleshooting and product navigation for all of your customers.

Service to sales conversion

First-rate customer service through seamless integration with your people, processes and technologies.


Improved customer experience through LiveChat capabilities and real-time responsiveness.

Survey calls and NPS

Understand your customer’s loyalty ranking and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Complaints resolution

Omni-channel, all-hours customer success management.

Social media management

Rapid response and meaningful customer engagement managed for you across your social media platforms.

All hours CX

Support for your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Find the Customer Service solution to best suit your business.

Specialist tasks & functions

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Affordable talent

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Expand your empire

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