Senior Bookkeepers 2

Our Senior Bookkeepers are highly experienced financial professionals responsible for maintaining and managing a company's financial records and transactions with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. They typically oversee the work of junior bookkeepers, ensure compliance with accounting principles and regulations, and play a key role in financial reporting and analysis to support the organization's financial stability and decision-making.


Aged Receivables

  • Data entry Debtor payments
  • Reconcile Aged Receivables
  • Follow up client debtors
  • Send Monthly Statements to client’s customers
  • Regular client invoicing

Aged Payables

  • Data entry Creditor invoices
  • Create Scheduled batch payments/Email remittance advices.
  • Data entry Creditor payments
  • Reconcile Aged Payables


  • Follow up Timesheets/leave requests
  • Process payroll
  • Send reports to client for review and Payment
  • Lodge Single Touch Payroll(STP)/Email Pay slips
  • Reconcile Wages Payable account
  • Reconcile Superannuation Payable Account
  • Reconcile PAYG withheld
  • Prepare annual workers compensation renewal documentation
  • Prepare annual STP Finalisation and lodge with the STP

Bank account

  • Processing bank fees and interest
  • Processing Direct Debits
  • Creating and maintain Bank rules


  • Preparation and Lodgment of Monthly and Quarterly IAS and PAYG
  • Payment/processing Staff super
  • Payment/processing loan/s
  • Prepare and Lodge Payroll Tax
  • Prepare and Lodge TPAR Report annually


  • Bank
  • Credit Cards
  • GST control accounts
  • Process monthly accrual journals or other manual journals required
  • Loan accounts
  • Fixed assets
  • Update Cashflow forecasts/Budgets
  • Review General Ledge details

Procedures and Manuals

  • Updating client manual
  • Maintain Bank and supplier rules
  • Completing Session Checklist
  • Printing monthly reports
  • Checking Session Report
  • Saved reports to client folders in One Drive


  • Send authorities for signature
  • Follow up signature/queries with clients
  • Update Financial Cents on a daily Basis
  • Update your timesheet on a daily basis in financial cents
  • Call ATO to add new client software
  • Maintain client data on ATO Portal
  • Respond to clients in a timely Manner
  • Create training notes and Loom videos where necessary

Ad hoc tasks

  • Any task deemed necessary by the Service Delivery Manager involving client management



  • Should be a graduate of Finance/Accounting or any business-related course
  • A CPA is preferred but not required

Product Knowledge

  • Complete knowledge of Client accounts and businesses
  • At least 5 years of Australian Accounting experience (GST, Tax and Depreciation)
  • Experienced in handling multiple clients
  • Accounting background; able to understand the language of our interactions with the accounts
  • Other expertise that may be defined by the customer

System and Application Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Advanced Knowledge of accounting tools such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, and other
    applications that customers use
  • Ability to learn new systems and tools as needed


  • Works within the Client’s quality guidelines
  • Ensures quality of work being delivered without being supervised

Communications Skills

  • Good oral and written communication skills


  • Works within the allotted budget hours for jobs assigned
  • Ensures all deliverables are fulfilled on a timely manner