Virtual Assistants: Is Full Time or Hourly Better? 

In today’s business ecosystem, chances are you’ve probably heard of Virtual Assistants (VAs) and Outsourcing. VAs are remote professionals skilled in handling a variety of administrative, technical, or creative tasks allowing many business owners and executives to streamline their operations. With the Philippines standing out as a goldmine of talent, the true challenge of business is not on deciding whether to outsource, but in selecting the best model for their needs. So should you opt for a full-time VA or an hourly arrangement? 

The Dedicated Staffing Model: Full-Time VAs 

Dedicated full-time staffing in outsourcing refers to the practice of contracting an external firm to provide you with a professional or a team of professionals who work solely for your business on a full-time basis. Unlike shared or part-time resources, these dedicated staff members focus exclusively on your tasks, projects, and objectives. This model fosters consistency, deeper integration with internal teams, and a profound understanding of your company’s culture, values, and goals. As they learn about your operations day in and day out, they often become as knowledgeable and invested as in-house employees, ensuring seamless operations and continuity in your business processes. 


  1. Consistent Engagement: A steady point of contact ensures that tasks are executed with uniformity and a deep understanding of your business ethos. 
  1. Greater Alignment: Over prolonged interactions, your VA integrates seamlessly with your team, understanding the nuances of your brand and processes. 
  1. Long-Term Cost Efficiency: When comparing the cost to local hires and the added benefits of reduced overheads, a full-time VA can often be a more economical choice in the long run. 

Perfect For: 

  • Enterprises with a steady stream of daily tasks. 
  • Firms seeking specialized skills and consistent communication. 
  • Businesses aiming for long-term collaborations and growth strategies. 

The Shared Services Model: Hourly VAs 

Shared Services, often paired with the hourly billed model in outsourcing, refers to a system wherein specific resources, be it personnel, technology, or both, are shared among multiple clients based on demand. Instead of having dedicated individuals who work solely for one client, these professionals cater to tasks or projects from various businesses, and their compensation is typically based on the hours worked. This flexible model allows businesses to scale their needs up or down without committing to a full-time resource, making it ideal for companies with fluctuating workloads, project-specific needs, or budget constraints. It’s a cost-efficient way to tap into diverse expertise on an as-needed basis, ensuring that businesses pay only for the actual time and skills utilized. 


  1. Adaptable Expenditure: Pay only for the actual hours worked, granting superior control over budgets. 
  1. Business Agility: Quickly scale up or down based on your operational needs, especially during seasonal fluctuations. 
  1. Access to Diverse Expertise: Engaging with shared services can tap into a pool of varied talents, allowing flexibility in task assignments. 

Perfect For: 

  • Start-ups or small businesses with variable workloads. 
  • Enterprises with project-based or sporadic tasks. 
  • Firms requiring diverse expertise occasionally. 

 hammerjack’s Edge in Outsourcing 

Choosing between full-time or hourly VAs is more than just a cost calculation; it’s about aligning with your strategic goals. Recognizing the unique demands of Australian businesses, hammerjack offers a synergy of both the Dedicated Staffing and Shared Services models. This dual approach ensures that businesses, irrespective of their size or domain, find a tailored fit for their outsourcing needs. 

With its operations in Manila and Pampanga, two major hubs of the Philippines’ talent pool, hammerjack promises more than just a virtual assistant. You’re forging a strategic partnership with an entity committed to mutual growth and success. 

Mapping Your Next Move 

If the decision maze still seems intricate, the experts at hammerjack are here to help you. Schedule a consultation today, gain bespoke insights, and craft an outsourcing strategy that propels your business forward. 

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