Business growth starts with great people followed by processes then technology

By Nick Hastings – Director for Business Development & Partnerships, hammerjack

Originally published on LinkedIn

Dedicated Staff, Strong Processes, and the Latest Technology

As we head into Christmas and a well-deserved break for everyone I’ve taken time to reflect on 2016 and the great success its brought. Out of this it’s become clear that the strategic decision to enhance our business internally using the same focus and process we take with many of our clients was the right move…



If you haven’t noticed there’s a digital race taking place in the world of business. From the newly executed Microsoft Dynamics solution within KPMG and their shift to an industry driven service model, to small businesses making their first move to the cloud, one thing remains constant – without the valuable resource of people behind the scenes digital becomes debunked. hammerjack has increased our people resource by 75% in the last 6 months. Yes, a lot of this has been organic due to increasing our client base; however, internally it’s because we believe growth starts with the area of basic finance. Providing a unique and accessible outsourced model has allowed us to facilitate this without jeopardizing quality.


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Businesses look for growth based on traditional activities and competencies within common workflows. This trend is usually facilitated by stakeholders being firmly embedded operationally, with little time or resource to entertain the scope of change required to remain agile in today’s markets. hammerjack has been able to remove key decision and culture makers from micro operating, enabling a holistic look at the business as a process and defining the key strategies to drive growth. Freeing this executive level capability has increased the rate of growth for our clients and ourselves internally. As a base, we now process over 760 accounting tasks daily with a response time of less than an hour.

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The answer was in front of us the whole time. Understanding and decoding financial data allows a business to identify insights and create a road map to success. Microsoft’s continual release of new business software throughout 2016 and their active 2017 schedule has enabled partners like hammerjack to facilitate real change, drive growth, manage risk and reduce cost. This year we committed to building insights as a service. Tested in house and now being released into our client base we are able to provide business intelligent insights to service behaviors around business process. For hammerjack, this technology has generated a new revenue channel, increasing growth 23% by providing a proactive alert to cross pollinate opportunities within our community.

In 2016 we embarked on a journey to build a community of businesses through transformation. 2017 will be “hammertime” and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in understanding more details behind the “how” of hammerjack people, process and technology!

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