Hammerjack in Clark — An Emerging Technology And Outsourcing Hub In The Philippines.

As the most established corporate sector and economic engine in the Philippines, Metro Manila has long been the country’s top outsourcing location. But there’s another city in the Philippines that is emerging as a premier outsourcing destination. 

For companies looking to offshore to the Philippines, the good news is that Pampanga is turning up to be a fantastic choice. Let’s take a look at a few noteworthy happenings in Pampanga and why hammerjack recognises the region’s potential as a viable destination for outsourcing. 


Through the construction of data centers and satellite hubs as well as the encouragement of tech- and business-savvy students and entrepreneurs, Internet companies in the Philippines hope to transform Pampanga into a true technological hub. These investments are excellent contributions to the region’s outsourcing industry, which is already expanding. global companies seeking outsourcing services in the Philippines might travel to Pampanga for easier access to cutting-edge ideas and technologies. 


The project’s top priorities include creating environmentally friendly infrastructure and enhancing public transportation. These improvements are intended to draw investors and strengthen the newly developed business district in Pampanga, providing more significant options for businesses thinking about outsourcing to the Philippines. 


The Clark urban region in Pampanga, which benefited from the infrastructures developed by American soldiers between 1903 and 1992, was once a U.S. military installation. Modern telecommunications infrastructure, a stable electrical supply, cemented roads, stringent security measures, and an integrated fiber-optic network are all accessible. 

Numerous international businesses, particularly BPO firms, find Clark to be an appealing location for their operations because of its status as a freeport zone. 


Pampanga boasts a thriving business center with cutting-edge amenities in addition to having simple access to a sizable pool of young people. Pampanga has a 99.4% literacy rate. The province is home to a number of prestigious universities, producing a large number of young adults with advanced degrees who are prepared to enter the job. 


Another location in Pampanga that is attracting interest for its potential as a burgeoning economic center is Angeles City. Angeles City has excellent infrastructure, a sizable talent pool of highly educated individuals, and fiber-optic internet connectivity, much like the Clark metropolitan region. 

Additionally, Angeles City has established facilities geared at the BPO industry. Instead of taking a chance in the more crowded Metro Manila cities, companies considering outsourcing to the Philippines can easily move their operations to the expanding Angeles City, where real estate and labor are more affordable. 

These are only a few of the many factors that influenced hammerjack’s decision to locate its second office in Pampanga. Hammerjack is in a strong position to provide value to its clients and assist their businesses in saving, growing, and transforming thanks to its cutting-edge facilities, convenient location, and great talent pool. 

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