What Is Candidate Ghosting And How To Avoid It?

You’ve been through the whole interview process, decided on your top candidate and sent out an offer letter—sounds like a slam dunk right? Wrong. For many employers these days ghosting is becoming more common than ever before with 10-20% increasing over last year alone! And according to a recent research by Indeed it’s not just recruiters who are being left high & dry: 95% of them say they’ve experienced this behavior from potential employees.

With a candidate-driven job market, some companies are finding that candidates have become more difficult to hire. So what’s behind this behavioral shift? The strong labor market could be partly responsible for the increase in ghosting employers and leaving hiring managers without clarity on whether or when they will receive feedback from potential new hires—leaving them frustrated as well. While low unemployment rates may also explain why people don’t show up; there are still a few things we can do to avoid being “ghosted.”

Ghosting is a huge problem in the world of recruiting, and it can be easy for companies to get caught off guard. To help you avoid being ghosted, here are some steps you can take to keep candidates engaged:

Be Transparent

The recruitment strategy that you use is key to attracting great candidates. The best way of doing this starts with communication and transparency from day one, giving them the all the information they need to weigh their decisions, make sure they know what’s expected – both in terms of recruitment process as well as expectations.

Be Open To Communicate

The majority of job seekers agree that there’s nothing worse than being left in the dark. A whopping 48% feel frustrated by employers who don’t keep them updated on where they stand.

Touch base early and often – let people know when they can expect an update from you as well as follow through on your promise to reach out if needed. To keep things streamlined, consider implementing automated solutions like emailing or texting prospective employees who haven’t heard back yet while also making sure they can communicate with you anytime.

Get To Know Your Candidates Better

Interviewing is a tough process for many people, but it can be easier if you put the right effort in. To help your potential new hire feel less intimidated by this interview and more confident about working with us – create an environment where they are comfortable enough to talk openly.

By following the tips in this blog post, you can avoid being ghosted by your candidates and keep them interested and engaged throughout the process. Great candidates are out there- it just takes a little work on your part to find them. And once you do, they’ll be a valuable asset to your team. But don’t just take our word for it- try these tips yourself and see how they help you form a strong, productive team.

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