Live Chat Keeps Your Business Alive

Outsource your live chat and watch your business grow

Did you know that live chat is now the leading digital contact method? 42% of customers prefer live chat over other traditional methods including both phone and email [1].  Live chat enables real-time interaction and that in turn means at least 30% of customers are expecting live chat to be available on your website [2]. Are you letting them down and more importantly are you missing sales as a result?


Interacting with your clients is not just a way to gain revenue, but also to gain loyalty. They feel special and valued when you talk to them almost instantly but not intrusively and they’re much more likely to come back to your site. That’s because customers don’t like to wait! If you’re not available, they are likely to walk away and start doing business elsewhere.

Live chat keeps your business alive.

But that’s the thing; your business can’t be open 24/7. Plus, you and your staff can’t be 100% focused on customer service ALL of the time because you need to actually run your business. What you need is a person or a team dedicated to improving customer experience and satisfaction. They can secure leads by answering inquiries and can even close sales by guiding the customer through the process.

Let’s make this happen for your business.

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