The Philippines and Outsourcing: Why It Works

When it comes to outsourcing, the Philippines is one of the top “go-to” destinations and for a good reason. Yearly, more and more Filipinos join the numerous BPO companies in the country, resulting in steady growth for the country’s economy. The outsourcing industry is one of the major contributors, but why are so many companies outsourcing in the Philippines in the first place?

Here are the top reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines works:

  1. Filipinos speak great English

Ranking 3rd in Asia as most English proficient, Filipinos start speaking English at a young age even before they receive formal education. In fact, when you observe Filipinos converse with one another, you’re likely to hear 20-30% of English words! The reason for this is the exposure to the language almost everywhere: in school, movies, music, and business.

Because of Filipinos’ almost-native way of speaking English, companies prefer building their teams in the Philippines, especially for call centre and other phone based roles such as sales, customer service, or help desk.

2. High quality work for less cost

The average salary of a Filipino is significantly lower than say that of someone from the Australia or USA. This is due, in part, to the low cost of living in the Philippines. Filipinos are highly educated; most BPO workers have university degrees, which means you get the same high quality of work for a lower prices. This is perfect for small and start-up businesses because costs to outsource are usually lower compared to hiring more in-house talent.

Moreover, your business can run 24/7 because Filipinos are willing to work different shifts to maximise time differences around the globe. While your on-shore team works throughout the day, your offshore team takes charge during the night. You can answer a potential customer query any time, day or night, or process orders overnight to hit the ground running in the morning.

3. Access to skilled talent

As mentioned above, many companies outsource to the Philippines because of the large talent pool available. The country produces around 500,000 university graduates every year. Among these graduates, a large number enter the BPO industry. Therefore the skills that you are looking for are in place and ready to be tapped into. The BPO sector is one of the largest industries in the country so there is a depth of experience on hand to guide you through the outsourcing process.

4. Culture compatibility

Perhaps due to its colonial history, Filipinos have learned to adapt to multiple cultures, particularly from the West. Australian companies are well integrated within Filipino BPOs with many workers easily adapting to their culture and practices. Filipinos are able to take on board different styles and cultures depending on who they are talking to, which is why they excel at customer service.

5. Filipino values and work ethic

Filipinos have an admirable trait of being hospitable yet professional. They look out for their co-workers and care for the company they work in. They go the extra mile to get tasks done, without sacrificing their relationships with their colleagues. Maybe it’s because many were raised within close communities and large families, but Filipinos have a special knack when it comes to fostering and maintaining social relationships.

It’s obvious why many companies see the Philippines as the best location to fulfill their outsourcing needs. The Philippines offers top-of-the-line services without draining your finances.

hammerjack can provide you the best staff at the best price allowing your business to develop and grow. Our team in the Philippines will ensure your staff are well trained to achieve your business goals, while our dedicated onshore team will guide you through the transition process.

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