Why Outsourced Staffing Works for Small and Medium Business

You’ve heard the different terms being bandied about: outsourcing, staffing, seat leasing, managed service; but you’re an SME, you don’t have time to disseminate between all the different models, you’re too busy doing business, which is exactly why outsourcing is right for you. You can’t do everything on your own! There’s just not enough time. Imagine if you could remove some of the “noise” and distractions that stop you from growing your business. Maybe it’s time to let go and let someone else attend to these. In turn you’ll receive high productivity and quality, and save on your business cost significantly.

Outsource Staffing, also known as Seat Leasing, has allowed countless SME owners like yourself free up their time and attention so they could get back to business. How does it work and what benefits can small businesses expect to receive?

Free up time, money, and energy

From recruitment to retention to providing support (training, HR, payroll, IT etc.), outsource staffing takes all of this away from you, allowing you to concentrate on more valuable activities such as attracting new customers. It also allows you to invest your resources in more important things that actually develop your business. Your offshore team will quietly work away in the periphery allowing your onshore team to concentrate on what the business is really about.

Access to skilled talent

Because it’s an offshore team, you have literally the whole world as your pool of skilled talents. However, the Philippines is the absolute go-to destination for outsourcing companies because of Filipinos’ highly competitive qualifications and experience. Read more about the Philippines and outsourcing and why it works.

Ongoing support

Whether it’s a PC or access to portals or payroll or HR, your team will receive all the necessary support they require to make sure your business is up and running at all times. Your staff are provided with all the equipment and training the need so they can fulfill their duties with very little involvement from you. Imagine how much easier your business operations would be with all these disruptions removed.


Enterprise-level security ensures that your and your customers’ information is kept safe. Staffing service providers provide biometrics or key card passes so no one can easily enter the work floor. IT services and support are managed by experts too with all the security capabilities available. This kind of infrastructure is not something you can easily obtain if you’re doing everything on your own.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement should no longer be a strange concept. It should be embedded in every company’s culture to ensure members feel like they belong and are part of the business. Engagement activities such as social events, special day celebrations, team activities/sports ensure that your offshore staff are well taken care of. Remember: your people are your bloodline. Happy staff will repay you in loyalty and longevity.

Unlike fully managed services, outsource staffing allows you to work with your team directly. They move to the beat of your drum, without having to take you away from your core business. Outsource staffing works for small business because activities are often not complex, yet they are repetitive. These tasks are ideal to outsource. Think of it as an extension of your office – but for a much lower cost.

The kind of staffing package you take should include mechanisms to drive performance and quality and change management for your business. In addition, your team members should receive Australian enculturation and other necessary training to ensure the success of your business goals. Transparency is a must too; weekly and monthly reports should be given to you, to ensure you have a good picture of how business is progressing. Lastly, you want your members to stay with you; that’s why a culture of strong employee engagement is important to have in place.

Get all these from hammerjack’s outsource staffing package and get back to your business, because for an SME like you, it’s crucial to not lose focus. Losing focus might mean losing business.

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