Transform Your IT Hiring Strategy with Dedicated Staffing

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to stay competitive, finding and retaining the right IT talent has become a challenge. The rising costs of onshore talent, coupled with the pressing need to maintain operational productivity, present unique problems for businesses. However, a paradigm shift is underway, led by companies like hammerjack, who offer an innovative solution known as dedicated staffing.

Hammerjack: Reinventing IT Recruitment

Based in Manila and Pampanga, Philippines, hammerjack is an outsourcing titan with a formidable client base spanning the UK, the US, and Australia. Over its operation, hammerjack has served over 400 clients, providing top-tier talents at affordable costs.

The Challenge of Onshore IT Hiring

For many companies, the cost of hiring onshore IT talent can be prohibitively high. Beyond the hefty salaries, businesses must also contend with expenses such as insurance, taxes, training, and office space. Moreover, expanding the team with new hires translates into further cost escalation. This scenario can limit a company’s capacity to manage high work volumes, hindering their growth and scalability.

The Promise of Dedicated Staffing

Dedicated staffing offers a feasible solution to these challenges. By outsourcing, businesses can gain access to high-quality, degree-qualified professionals from the Philippines at significantly lower costs. This method bypasses the barriers of onshore hiring and opens up a pool of skilled talents that can meet specific requirements.

Unleashing the Benefits

Switching to an outsourcing model with dedicated staffing brings a wealth of benefits. Notably, businesses can realize up to 70% savings on labor costs, a game-changer for any company’s bottom line. Besides, having a dedicated staff improves productivity and increases capacity, ultimately transforming the way businesses operate.

The Process

At hammerjack, the process begins with understanding the client’s staffing needs. The recruitment team then swings into action, sourcing the best candidates who undergo a rigorous selection process, including initial screening, testing, and background checking. This thorough approach ensures that clients get the right candidate to meet their unique needs.

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Proven Impact

The success of hammerjack’s dedicated staffing model is evident in the results. Many clients have expanded their teams within the first year, drawn by the quality of service, the team’s dedication, and the inspiring company culture.

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Our clients from LX with our Account Manager, MJ Relato with their growing tech team during their visit to Manila, Philippines.

Looking to the Future

As the cost and operational benefits of outsourcing become increasingly apparent, more industries are jumping on the bandwagon. Beyond IT, sectors such as finance and accounting have started leveraging dedicated staffing to ramp up productivity and capacity.

In conclusion, the dedicated staffing model is a game-changer, providing businesses with a flexible, cost-effective solution to their IT hiring needs. As the trend continues to gain traction, it’s evident that outsourcing is the future of IT recruitment, capable of transforming not just hiring strategies but entire business operations.


About the contributor: JP Galinato is the Head of Community and Marketing at hammerjack, one of the fastest growing outsourcing providers in the Philippines. He has an eclectic mix of interests ranging from dogs, food, tv and movies, and remote work. He lives in Manila, Philippines with his favorite dogs Juancho, Han, and Darcy.