Senior Tax Accountants 3

Our Senior Tax Accountants are seasoned financial professionals who specialize in tax planning, compliance, and reporting for individuals or businesses. With extensive experience, they navigate complex tax codes, provide strategic tax advice, and often lead teams in ensuring accurate and timely tax submissions.


Financial Statement Preparation Tasks

  • Review general ledger balances, reports, and transactions to verify their accuracy for the correct tax application
  • Prepare and complete working papers according to client and regulatory standards for clients in a variety of businesses.
  • Apply technical proficiency and knowledge acquired through assigned work, self-study, course participation, and current technical reports and information study.
  • Prepare adjustments, if applicable, to correct the client’s tax allocation
  • Perform year-end accruals review
  • Gathering all pertinent information and confirmation received to prepare job notes for the financial statements
  • Ensure all working papers are updated to reflect the final version of the financial statements
  • Remain knowledgeable with updates in the accounting software
  • Generating a complete set of Financial Statements to be sent to clients.
  • Preparation of Trust Distribution and Dividend Statement, if applicable.
  • Pro-actively raise queries and suggestions regarding client’s records to promptly prepare the working papers

Income Tax Return Preparation Task

  • Drafting of Tax Returns in client-specified software
  • Prepare Tax Reconciliation and Tax Provision
  • Ensure all appropriate tax deductions and tax off-set are claimed based on regulatory standards
  • Ensure all necessary tax return sections are filled out and with no validation errors


Process and Work Flow Compliance

  • Ensure the proper completion of the tax compliance checklist provided by the onshore team
  • Manage workflow and ensure jobs are completed accordingly before the deadline set by the client.
  • Daily Timesheet preparation in the client-specified application
  • Pro-actively raise queries and suggestions regarding client’s records to promptly prepare the working papers
  • Preparation and lodgement of Monthly, quarterly, or annual Activity Statement (IAS or BAS) of the client
  • Any task deemed necessary by the Team Manager or Service Delivery Manager involving client Management.



  • Should be a graduate of Finance and or Accounting
  • CPA is preferred but not required

Product Knowledge

  • Complete knowledge of client accounts and businesses
  • At least 5 years of experience in accounting or taxation
  • Knowledge with Australian Taxation and Compliance is preferred
  • Previous experience working with an Australian accounting firm

System and Application Knowledge

  • Knowledge with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Familiar with accounting tools such as Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks
  • Ability to learn new systems and tools as needed


  • Works within the Hammerjack and Client quality guidelines
  • Ensures quality of work being delivered without being supervised
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Communications Skills


  • Works within allotted budget hours for jobs assigned
  • Ensures all deliverables are fulfilled in a timely manner