Are you Type A? Then Microsoft Planner is the Business Tool for You

Given the sheer volume of tasks involved in running a successful business today, it’s become increasingly difficult to manage projects and the monitor the people involved with them. There’s just not enough hours in the day.

As a type A person, you are competitive, want things managed a certain way, are organised, and impatient. Therefore, you need a business tool that offers transparency and the highest standards of organisation. Assigning tasks must be possible too; there’s no time for lengthy memos! You also need to monitor and analyse the project’s progress quickly and easily therefore ease of access and use is important too.

At hammerjack we understand your pain, we have a few Type A managers in our business too. But since they started using Microsoft Planner life just got a whole lot easier.

Microsoft Planner is a complete solution for task and work management. Check out these top 3 ways that Planner that can assist your business:

  1. Conquer Time

    Meet deadlines, plan ahead, and understand project status with the ability to view your task schedule. Tasks are easily added and organised in columns called buckets. You can then label these buckets into with different colours to represent different project categories. Drag-and-drop is all it takes to keep tasks organised.

  2. Allocate Resources

    Because tasks in Planner are shared by everybody within your business, everybody knows who’s doing what and when its due. This also increases your team members accountability inside your business, so there’s no more “blame game” between staff. You can keep track of the project’s progress based on the due date of each task and allocate more resources if delays start to occur.

  3. Stay on Track

    You’ll receive email notification summarising tasks due in the coming week and stay on top of your approaching deliverables. Planner use charts to represent the team’s progress on a certain project which is accessible to everyone. Team members are well informed meaning everyone is up to date and able to stay focused.

We depend on Microsoft Planner to get organised quickly, work together efficiently, and to all stay on the same page. Our business is growing and what we need is a business tool to help our team members do work in an organised and easy to use manner.

You can get this for your business too. Let us help.