Data Science and Data Visualization Developer (LXG0012)

The Data Science and Visualization Developer position is a dynamic and innovative professional with expertise in crafting data visualizations for web and mobile applications, building predictive models from collected data, and developing image analysis pipelines.


  • Work with the rest of the software team to improve existing data visualization widgets
  • Create prediction models for different systems such as for agriculture and logistics
  • Build video/image processing pipeline for data extraction
  • Build interfaces between our databases of sensor data collected in the field and AI models to provide valuable insights to our users.


  • Strong programming knowledge in Python or JavaScript
  • Ability to create, modify, or use existing AI/ML models to provide insights to stakeholders
  • Experience in computer vision technologies to facilitate common use cases such as object detection, OCR, and motion tracking.
  • Knowledge of web development technologies, such as React and D3.js, is highly desirable to seamlessly integrate visualizations and models into user interfaces.
  • The role demands a professional ready to work in the office for a minimum of 3 days a week, with the flexibility to work remotely for the remaining 2 days