Data Stewards

Our Data Stewards are professionals responsible for managing and maintaining an organization's data assets. They ensure data quality, integrity, and security, develop data governance policies, and collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure the effective and ethical use of data within the organization.

Data Relationship Management

As a data relationship manager (DRM) you will be responsible for establishing and enhancing relationships with fund companies to optimise data delivery and assess new data requirements. You will be assisting global asset managers to understand our data processes and standards, providing strong guidance through the data onboarding process. Furthermore, you will play a key role in data projects, why you need to gain an in depth knowledge of our inbound data flow, and a good awareness of services, products and client base. You will work together with multiple data teams across locations and will use your communication and language skills daily.


Key contact for asset managers

• Approach asset managers to explain why we need their data, what the benefit is for them to onboard and be prepared with appropriate leverage for getting the message across.

• Ensure we engage with the right person/seniority level within asset manager to get things to run.

• Building positive relationships, championing our data, processes and products.

• Understand the fund groups capabilities, provide them a set of multiple options and assist them to pick the best fitting solution.

• Explain and highlight gaps in current deliveries and improve robustness of data flow.

• Encourage groups to use a suitable automation route for data transmission, depending on data type.

• Promote standards (e.g. openfunds, Metadata etc.) as preferred format for fund data/documents.

• Recognize and report sales opportunities for other FE fundinfo services.

• Apply a deescalating effect in case of any complaints received.

Relationships with vendors and other third parties

• Work with vendors and other third parties to build a relationship in line with our general primary source policy.

• Support accepted third parties (e.g. producers/administrators/representatives) to automate the data flow.

Collaborate with data design and definitions team

• Highlight any upcoming industry projects, perform some market research if required.

• Representing the Company to the Industry bodies (the IA, ABI, AIC, TISA, FinDatEx etc.), keeping up to date with Industry changes and Regulations.

• Impact assessment on Regulations (both Company & Clients).

• Assist asset managers to comply with any new market regulations and what this means for the data provision.

Collaborate with data operations teams

• Ownership of internal processes (e.g. File sign-off, Data exchange via Data Partner Portal, Data chase-up & Escalation process).

• Providing support to various data departments.

• Escalation point of contact.

Support and assist in client deliveries

• Integral part of client delivery team

• Subject matter expert on various data types, inbound options and quality checks applied

• Assist other teams (e.g. Business Analysts, Project Managers, Business Development Managers) on coverage checks

• Escalation point for project team

Useful skill set

• Love ‘data’

• Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) for clients across multiple nations

• Fluent in English (C1), additional language skills are appreciated

• Preference for complex contents

• Analytical skills (e.g. Excel), ability to write SQL queries highly recommended

• Ability to prioritise and keep multiple deadlines while working on various projects simultaneously


Pioneer of fund data

• Gain a very deep knowledge in the investment fund industry across multiple fund markets, with all various aspects on fund data

• Build a huge network with asset managers worldwide

• Engage in exciting client projects

Be part of a global team

• Work in a global team, with the potential to work abroad

• Be one of the first to learn about new markets we are going to enter into